The beauty of words, in Linux.

Alter Linux is being developed by dozens of student developers in Japan and is
. It is one of the few Linux distributions that is fully Japanese.
. It is the first Arch Linux-derived distribution to support Japanese by default.
The first Linux-derived distribution to have Japanese language support by default. If you've ever thought, "Linux is too difficult to learn because of the English language and its high level of difficulty," why don't you give it a try? If you've ever thought, "It's hard to get into Linux because it's so difficult to learn in English," why not give it a try?
The Alter Linux community has direct support from developers in both English and Japanese. Don't worry about it.


Alter Linux is the first distribution in Japan to be developed based on Arch Linux.
. Arch Linux is a modern, lightweight, stable yet feature-rich Linux software, but
. It is based on Alter Linux, a highly functional, high-performance operating system with the same characteristics.
. Alter Linux also uses the ZEN kernel as the default kernel, which is a more optimized version of the regular Linux kernel with various patches applied.
. For more information. me link See

Best Start.

Arch Linux, on which Alter Linux is based, was a difficult operating system for beginners, as no installer was provided for the concept.
. Our Alter Linux product line offers an optimized GUI installer that greatly reduces the installation hurdle.
. Also, the GUI package store is installed by default, making it easy to search for and install a variety of software with just a few clicks!

The beauty, the diversity of beauty.

Alter Linux is available in four different versions: Xfce, Lxde, Cinnamon and i3wm, each with a different user interface, design and pre-installed software. Each one has a different aesthetic design and software.

We are also developing a "KDE-Plasma" version. Please wait for a while until it is released.

The glow of it, forever.

Alter Linux shares most of its software with Arch Linux, some software can be installed and updated using the Alter Linux repository.
. All software included in the Alter Linux image file has been carefully tested by the developers and
. If you have unstable software, you can maintain stability by limiting it to older versions.
. The Alter Linux repository is updated once a month with all software.