Bring the beauty of words to Linux.

AlterLinux is developed by dozens of student developers in Japan.
It is one of the few Linux distributions that has been fully localized into Japanese.
This is the first ArchLinux-derived distribution that supports Japanese by default.
If you think "Linux is difficult because it has a lot of English and it's difficult ...", why don't you try it?
The AlterLinux community is directly supported by developers in both English and Japanese. Please use with confidence.

An OS that goes on the cutting edge.

AlterLinux is the first Japanese distribution based on "ArchLinux".
"ArchLinux" is the latest Linux software that is lightweight, stable, and has abundant functions.
Based on this, AlterLinux also inherits its characteristics and has become a high-performance, high-performance OS.
AlterLinux also uses the ZEN kernel as the default kernel. The ZEN kernel is a more optimized kernel with various patches applied to the regular Linux kernel.
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The best start for you.

ArchLinux, which is based on AlterLinux, is an OS with high hurdles for beginners because it does not provide installers and the like.
With AlterLinux provided by us, we have succeeded in reducing the installation hurdle with the optimized GUI installer.
Also, since the GUI package store is installed by default, you can easily search for various software and install it with a few clicks.

A variety of beauty.

AlterLinux has a lineup of three types: the "Xfce" version, the "KDE-Plasma" version, and the "Lxde" version with different user interfaces, designs, and pre-installed software. You can enjoy UI and software that are particular about different beauty.

* Only Xfce and Lxde versions are currently available. Please wait for a while until it is released.

Its shine, forever

AlterLinux shares most of the software with ArchLinux, but some software can be installed and updated using the AlterLinux repository.
All the software included in the AlterLinux image file has been thoroughly tested by the developer, and
If you have unstable software, you can keep it stable by restricting it to the old version.
The AlterLinux repository updates all software once a month.