What's Flast?

FlastBrowser was developed by "Aoi", one of the creators of Fascode Network,   Original web browser.
  It has a page sharing function with a QR code and an ad blocking function, making it a "just right" Web browser that is close to users.

Now anytime, anywhere.


FlastBrowser is an original web browser developed by Aoi, a member of Fascode Network.
Flast is equipped with a "QR code sharing" function that allows you to instantly convert and share the web page you are browsing into a QR code.
You can instantly share pages to your smartphone, friends, and family.

Let's be open.

FlastBrowser is developed under the "open" environment as much as possible.
Development is carried out in an open source environment on GitHub, and we respect each user's opinion.
It is being developed with "User First" in mind.
If you have any bug reports or information about new features, go to GitHub ,
If you have any suggestions for new features, please contact Contact page .

Live clean.


FlastBrowser has an ad block function as standard.
Enjoy great content in a clean environment, free from annoying barrage-like ads.
In addition, the display speed of the page is improved by not displaying the advertisement. Please enjoy comfortable browsing.

Let's remember the good old things.


FlastBrowser has a unique feature that Twitter has to "return to old UI".
Experience for yourself the familiarity and familiarity of a retro game.
Of course, users can switch to the new baptized UI if they wish.
Let's make your usual SNS life more comfortable.