What's LUBS?

LiveUbuntuBuildSystem, or LUBS for short, is script software that builds and builds Ubuntu from scratch.
Because the OS is configured with a text-based configuration file,
It enables flexible development using Git and other source code management systems.

Open and smart.

The LUBS build settings file consists of a set of predefined text files and scripts.
Shell script is the only development language required.
This enables flexible joint development utilizing source code management systems and the source code disclosure.

I don't need a virtual environment anymore.

LUBS can develop customized Ubuntu without using a virtual environment, unlike the conventional one that outputs the environment as it is to an image file.
Therefore, it does not use huge disk capacity or CPU resources for development.

It does not require huge resources for development, and you can easily create a customized OS even in a development environment with insufficient specifications.


Let's get started!

Start chevron_right git clone https://github.com/FascodeNet/LUBS.git LUBS/